Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Is MSNBC's Jonathan Martin Reporting From Florida

Last night, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney enjoyed a tremendous victory in yesterday's Florida primary, winning with 47% of the vote. It appears that the candidate won with nearly all voter demographic groups across the state.

He won by seven points in the 'cracker counties' in the North Florida panhandle. We spoke to one of Romney's supporters. (Let's call him 'Beauregarde'):

"Yup. That 'ole boy Mitt Romney is mah boy. Where is my 'ole hound dog Belvedere? Wha' are you at, boy?"

Candidate Romney also won by an amazing eleven points among the many conservative rednecks and honkys in Florida. We spoke to Cletus Rikkits, another one of his supporters:

"Raight on muh truck wit' muh gun rack, I got muh Romney fer President bumper sticker, HAWT DANG! HEEEE-HAWWWW!!!!

Lee Roy Murdoch, President of Honkys For Romney, spoke to our reporter in 'racial code', by saying that President Barack Obama has turned America into a 'food stamp nation', and must be voted out of office.

Romney won with all conservative demographic groups, including 'anti-Obama' voters, 'anti-gay rights' voters, 'sexists', 'strict constitutionalists', as well as 'state rights fanatics'.

This is Jonathan Martin of Politico and MSNBC, reporting from Jacksonville, Florida.

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