Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm Sorry, Mr. McGrath, But You Already Voted

Dan McGrath, the Director of Minnesota Majority, is a well-known, conservative political activist. You have seen him on the television news, and he has been a guest on several local programs on talk radio. He is a proponent of the mandatory Minnesota voter photo I.D. law currently being considered by the Minnesota State Legislature.

This week, I was reading some news articles on-line, and learned that Dan McGrath is also Executive Director of TakeAction Minnesota, a 'voters rights' organization.
According to the information I've found, Mr. McGrath is ALSO AN OPPONENT of the very same law being considered. I was surprised to discover that only six years ago, he was also a community organizer for The Services International International Union.

How does Dan McGrath find the time to work for Minnesota Majority AND TakeAction Minnesota, two organizations that directly oppose each other?

Your bushy-tailed correspondent has uncovered an incredible fact. Dan McGrath of Minnesota Majority and Dan McGrath of TakeAction Minnesota are two very different people. What the heck is going on here?

It almost seems that our friends on the left are trying to confuse the public.

Suppose this law never passes. Could one Dan McGrath claim to be the other, and steal his vote, or even vote twice? What if the DFL had a list of 10,000 names. all reliable Republican voters. Then, on election day, our name-doppelgangers ALL vote before we get to the polls? Can this be their strategy in November?

It's a good thing that Minnesota Majority's director is aware of his opponent with the exact same name. He refers to the 'other' Dan McGrath as 'my bearded Spock'.

One thing's for certain, One of them must change their name, or cease to exist. I suggest they settle it with a duel. 20 paces, anyone?

Bad idea you say? Can't stand the sight of blood?

Alright. I have an alternative idea. Dan McGrath and Dan McGrath should appear on KSTP's At Issue (with host Tom Hauser). At the very least, everybody will know that Dan McGrath and Dan McGrath are not the same person.

But still, those Democrat activists are pretty crafty. I wonder if there are 10,000 Dem voters who could change their name JUST BEFORE ELECTION DAY. What if you go to vote on Election Day, only to find that somebody claiming to be you has already voted, using your identity?

It would suck to find out that somebody claiming to be you has already voted, so I support this law. Otherwise, Election Day could resemble the horror movie 'Invasion of the Voter Imposters'.

This November 6, I do not want to see someone resembling actor Kevin McCarthy standing outside my neighborhood polling station, yelling, "THEY STOLE MY VOTE!!! THEY'RE HERE ALREADY! YOU'RE NEXT!!"

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  1. As it happens, Take Action Dan and I will be appearing together on Capitol News next week on Tusday the 14th to debate Voter ID.