Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Resolve That The President Start Obeying The Law

During last night's Minnesota Caucus, we had an opportunity to bring our resolutions/ changes to The Minnesota State Republican Platform. My mind was racing with ideas, but I didn't bring any resolutions to our group.

One man brought a very common-sense resolution pertaining to government spending, and made a comment very popular with everybody in our group. The most important thing this country needs is to get spending under control.

As important as that idea is, I have to gently disagree. I think that the most important issue facing this country is that the current occupant of The White House is absolutely out-of-control, insufferably arrogant, and corrupt as can be. He's all those things and dangerously inept as well.

I didn't bring any resolutions or concerns to my group, because platforms are concerned with public policy. My concerns deal with the corruption and the crazed, tyrannical pronouncements and dictates coming from The President almost daily.

In 1992, James Carville coined the phrase 'It's the economy, stupid'.
In 2012, I would like to coin a new phrase, 'It's the corruption, people'.

I actually felt a little rediculous last night, as I thought of putting my concerns into words that could be written as party platform resolutions. You would think that any Democrat with their head screwed on straight would agree with me on the following:

Resolution: I resolve that money laundering be a criminal offence EVEN WHEN it's The President doing it. Nobody should be allowed to shower fraudulent green energy companies with taxpayer dollars.

Resolution: I resolve that the State and the National GOP oppose gun-running to Mexican drug gangs, EVEN when it's The President's own Attorney General doing it.

Resolution: The GOP opposes unconstitutional recess appointments made by The President, when Congress isn't even in recess.

Resolution: The President SHOULD NOT be allowed to force people of faith to violate their own, deeply-held conscience. The President SHOULD NOT force pro-life Americans or entities to PERFORM or PAY FOR abortions.

Finally, I resolve that The President start obeying the laws. If he won't uphold and defend The Constitution of The United States of America, he should be removed from office.

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