Sunday, February 12, 2012

Do You Have The Wrong Job?

Are you the President of the United States, but wish you could assume total control over every body's life? There are some people out there, like those darned Catholics, who JUST REFUSE TO GO ALONG WITH YOUR PROGRAM.

You ran on hope and change, yet there are still those pesky bitter-clingers, still hanging on to their God and guns. And worse still, there are those rebellious little cusses who STILL believe in the free enterprise system. You want to transform America, but that gall-darned piece of paper called The Constitution KEEPS GETTING IN YOUR WAY.

Man, it must be frustrating!

Or maybe you're a United State's Supreme Court Justice, but let's just say that you did an interview, where you told the interviewer that if you were in charge of creating a new constitution, you wouldn't use the American document as your model.

Let's say that Mozambique's constitution really rocks your boat. I hear that Iran is looking for female jurors.

This bushy-tailed correspondent could be barking up the wrong tree on this, but it seems that Barack Obama and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg may be stuck in jobs that they may not really want.

If Obama really, really wanted to be an out-of-control tyrant, maybe someone should have re-directed him to his dream Secretary General of the United Nations, or a tyrant of the third-world country of his choice.

I wonder if his high school guidance councilor ever blames himself.

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