Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yesterday Must've Been A Slow News Day

Your bushy-tailed corresponent watched the local new last night. In one news story, it appears those racist monsters up in North Dakota State seem intent on keeping their racially-insensitive college nickname, 'The Fighting Sioux'.

The reporter spoke to local Native-Americans, and they appeared somewhat offended and hurt by the college's hurtful attitude. One local leader said, "There has never been an ethnic group treated this way before. We don't call your team 'The Fighting Jews'.

That made me think about the millions of European Jews who were packed into cattlecars and sent to die in ovens at Auschwicz and Treblinka. I doubt if any of them were hoping (as they were being forced to march towards their own death), 'Man, I sure would be offended if these Nazi's called their basketball team The Fightin' Jews'.

In another story (Channel 5 KSTP) the reporter told us The Walker Art Center had lost $211,000 last year, and they want $8.5 million for renovations. The reporter spoke to State Representative Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa), who said this expendenture would not make any sense.

Then, a representative from the art museum proudly stated his case on behalf of The Walker Art Center.

Our very own Joe the Cartoonist is a graduate of The Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He went to the Walker Art Center once while he was a student. and hasn't been there since.

Joe is against spending even more taxdollars on the art museum.

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