Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Woo-Hoo! The Truth Team Tipsheet Is Here!

Do you remember that scene in that Steve Martin movie 'The Jerk', when he jumps for joy upon discovering the new phone books have arrived?

Yesterday, our friends from Team Obama sent me this:


Welcome to The Truth Team Tip sheet. You signed up (I did? Oh, yeah. I turned myself in to Attack Watch and gave them my e-mail address,,,,) to be part of the team that fights back, and there's no time to wait.

This is the first of regular updates we'll be sending with actions you can take immediately to help support the president-to debunk false attacks and make sure folks hear what we've accomplished.

Here's how it works. We'll round up the best of our posts and turn them into short items with facebook and twitter buttons after each so you can instantly share them with friends and family as you go down the list.

Read through this week's news, then do something about it.

(Here's this week's list, in a nutshell)....

#1 Romney Flip Flops On Earmarks
#2 Santorum's Big Budget Plans
#3 Rubio's Contraception Plan
#4 Let Detroit Go Bankrupt

....And now for the good news....
#5 Keeping His Word On Hate Crime
#6 Recovery Act Anniversary

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