Sunday, February 26, 2012

We Interrupt This Donation Request To Ask You Why You Haven't Donated Yet

Today, I just got this from Rufus Gifford, National Finance Director, Obama For America.


As you may have noticed, we've asked you for a donation a few times now.

But according to our records, you haven't made an online donation to this campaign at this email address.(If our records are wrong, I apologize and thank you).

I'm not writing to ask you for money again. I'm actually writing to ask for your opinion about why you haven't given, and what you think would inspire you or other Obama supporters like you to decide to take the leap and donate.

We have two quick questions for you. Can you take a minute to answer them?

Then, I get this:

Which best describes your attitude?(fill a circle)
I plan to donate to President Obama's campaign in the next few months
I plan to donate after a GOP nominee is selected
I plan to donate in the last few months of the campaign
I do not plan to donate
I have already donated to the President's 2012 campaign
Other (Please specify)--------------------------------------

If other(Please specify)--------------------------------------

What's one thing that would inspire you to donate to the Obama Campaign?

Later, the letter finally ends:

It's also the reason no other campaign has been able to match our level of grassroots support. This isn't the easiest way to run a campaign-but we know it's the right way.

That's why we want to know what you're thinking.

Please take a minute to answer these questions today:

Thanks so much, Rufus

Rufus Gifford
National Finance Director
Obama For America

P.S.-Of course,if you like to become one of our million-plus grassroots donors today, by all means, please make a donation of $3, or whatever you can afford.

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