Monday, February 13, 2012

Let The Mocking Begin Again

Last September, The Obama Regime's debut of snitch site was welcomed with an avalanche of mocking and laughter across the Internet. Your bushy-tailed correspondent did his civic duty, and 'promptly turned himself in'.

I also gave them my e-mail address. Subsequently, I have received many, many e-mails from the Obama campaign. About half have been requests for donations. They still think that I am one of their campaign volunteers.

I was checking my e-mails today, and found one from Stephanie Cutter, Obama For America's Deputy Campaign Manager. She proudly stated that a 're-vamped' AttackWatch has made it's debut, only now it's called The Truth Team.

The Obama Regime was so proud of AttackWatch, they changed the name. I guess that's why ACORN keeps changing IT'S name(s).

The re-vamped site has two, new features. KeepingGOPHonest. It's nice to know that The Messiah wishes to keep us honest. Just imagine how much better this country could be if us Republicans could only meet the The Obama Administration's high standard for honesty and integrity (snicker snicker).

Then, there's KeepingHisWord, that lists all of The Messiah's accomplishments. I tried to find 'He gave Solyndra half a billion dollars that belonged to the taxpayers, then laundered much of this money to his re-election campaign,' but it wasn't even mentioned.

I wished our wonderful President Barack Hussein Obama wasn't so darned modest.

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