Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thanks To John Cassidy of The New Yorker....

....for helping me reach my decision to support Rick Santorum for President. Cassidy's piece in The Yorker Magazine entitled 'Rational Irrationality-The Making Of Rick: Santorum Could Be For Real", should be turned into a Santorum campaign commercial for all of us who can't stand these cultural elitist snobs.

Since it looks like Sarah Palin is staying out of this Presidential race, I am relying on the former Senator to drive the state-run news media insane.

It was my secret wish that Palin win the Presidency, and cause the entire Obama state-run news media's head to explode en masse, just like those ugly little Martians in the hilarious movie from 1997, "Mars Attacks!".

It makes me smile when I think of some tearful news anchor choking on the words  "....and the new President will be the Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin" ....

I bet those words would have the same effect as a yodeling Slim Whitman had on those Martian invaders.

But back to the John Cassidy piece. Here is the passage that did it for me:

"To educated liberals of almost any description, Santorum is an abomination. It's not just that he's pro-life, anti-gay, anti-contraception Roman Catholic of the most retrogressive, die-hard Opus Dei variety, It's his entire persona, with his seven kids, his Jaycee fashion code, his nineteen-seventies colonial MacMansion in Northern Virginia, his irony bypass, he seems to delight in outraging self-styled urban sophisticates....the sort of folks who buy organic milk, watch The Daily Show, and read The New York Times (and The New Yorker, of course)."

If Santorum REALLY wanted to drive these liberals batty, he would announce his running mate will be former candidate Michele Bachmann. Just imagine what the Obama news media would think of this.

I can picture it now. After winning the presidency, President-elect Santorum takes the stage. He's standing and waving with his wife and their seven kids. Now, here comes the new Vice-President, her husband, and THEIR 23 ADOPTED KIDS smiling and waving.

....and the voice of Slim Whitman yodeling at the victory party.

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