Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joe The Cartoonist's MN. Photo ID Report

Dan McGrath, Director of TakeAction Minnesota, is a leading opponent of that state's proposed Voter ID law. He's fighting on behalf of African-Americans, the poor, all the victims of society, and Grandma. He believes in puppies, and that the dead shouldn't be denied their right to vote.

The former community organizer for the Service Employment International Union makes the startling claim that the 1% (bankers) are behind the push to require a photo ID to vote in Minnesota.

32 other states require some form of ID. Our reporter was surprised to find out that the United States was such a hopelessly racist, heartless country.

We decided to confront some of these racist bankers, and ask them why do they want to deny African-Americans, the indigent, and the elderly their right to vote.

First, we confronted Todd Steinberg, outside his downtown workplace. This wealthy banker told us that if the blacks, the felons, the homeless, and the elderly are allowed to vote, then his dream of robbing America blind will be foiled.

Next, we spoke to corporate raider Moshe Goldfarb of Dain Bainforth Inc. in his highrise office. As three protesters banged on drums below his window, he told us that during an average 16-hour workday, he dedicates 5-6 hours every day concentrating on his voter-suppression efforts.

"Buying Republican State Legislators is a full-time job", said Goldfarb.

Then, we confronted Dan McGrath's nemesis, Executive Director of Minnesota Majority, (also named) Dan McGrath. When he's not robbing the poor, the black, the felon, the dead, and the elderly, of their right to vote, he creates racially-insensitive on-line banners, insulting his victims.

"Doing the 1%'s bidding is my dream come true," says the villainous conservative activist.

Finally, I asked him if this proposed law is about improving the integrity of Minnesota's election system. He smiled, bearing his fangs:

"Integrity shmintegrity. Since it looks like we'll never get to pass Jim Crow 2 anytime soon, Minnesota Voter ID is the next best thing".

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