Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Think I've Have Had Enough Of These Obama Emails

In September, I gave my email address and turned myself in. Barry and company has rewarded me with dozens and dozens of stupid emails, most of which are requests for campaign donations. I, in turn, use some of these emails as fodder for The RedSquirrel Report, as I ridicule our little dictator.

I'm thinking about ending this charade.

Do you think that I should just come clean, and tell The Regime that I''ll never donate to the Obama campaign (and that I despise his communistic guts),  or keep receiving these ridiculous emails?

Does anybody find this entertaining?  I'm tempted to answer the email sent by our 'friend'  Rufus in the following way(s):

"What's one thing that would inspire you to donate to the Obama campaign?"

I'm tempted to write, "Those fraudulent thieves at Solyndra who helped you launder all that taxpayer's money that made it to your campaign inspire me. Can I be a crony, too?"

"What best describes your attitude? Other (Please specify):

I'm tempted to write, "When I see or hear you, I have to turn the channel.  I'm tempted to throw my TV out of the window when I hear your insufferable arrogance, demagoguery and dishonesty"..........OR,

"Hey, dumb-a$$....Check out my friggin' blog, and find out what my attitude is at".

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