Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On Your Knees, America!

ONCE UPON A TIME, There was an arrogant tyrant, who decided that he would force The Church to violate it's own conscience, and so, the tyrant's Commissar Sebelius sent the state-run media scribe to announce this dictate:

Get on you knees, America! The State-run media scribe is here to issue today's edict. Listen up, serfs, as I  unravel the parchment.  

Quiet! He is clearing his throat:

"Today, Our Glorious Leader demands that faith-based institutions make contraception and abortion drugs available through their health care packages. Furthermore, the Church of The Great Leader gives unto itself the power to trump YOUR inconsequential, puny conscience, your church, as well as The Constitution itself. Commissar Sibelius will announce more details later.

So it is said, so shall it be done."

Upon hearing this, the sleeping giant finally awoke from it's long slumber, and for freedom, fought back.

"Rob me of MY LIBERTY? Who the HELL do you think YOU are?" roared the giant.

Knowing that he had awakened the sleeping giant, the tyrant decided to use a little slight of hand, and deceptively said, "I was just kidding, Mr. Giant. You don't have to pay for contraception and abortion drugs for your employees. You can offer those wonderful services thru your insurance carriers".

The giant scratched his head....

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