Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Red Forman: Bernie Sanders Is A Socialist Dumb Ass

Socialist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed that all college loans should be forgiven, wiped-out, and erased from our memory.He said that since we bailed-out the banks, we should do the same for young college students.

Here to comment on this plan is Red Forman. Take it away, Red:

Thanks, Red.

That Socialist dumb-ass Bernie Sanders is at it again. He is pandering to young dumb-asses who took out college loans, and don't feel like honoring their contract. 

Actually, this plan reminds us that institutions of  'higher learning' are a great big scam ran almost completely by greedy Democrats. You pay thousands of dollars and they teach you that men are all rapists and that Communism is superior to Capitalism. Then, they send you the bill and these weirdo degenerates make off like bandits. 

It doesn't matter if he says that he wants Wall Street will pay for it. If the government is involved, chances are the taxpayer will be screwed.

Now, Bernie Sanders wants to redistribute the pain from the dumb-ass student who took out the loan to the taxpayer. Bernie hates everyone who actually works for a living. In Bernie's world, any time the taxpayer gets the smallest break it's a twavesty. 

Sanders believes that if you are a plumber or work on an oil rig and you never took out a college loan you should be expected pay a college student's tuition costs. This doofus literally walks around sticking his hand in other people's pants pockets. 

I heard that Bernie had his honeymoon in the old Soviet Union. O.k. Bernie, We get it. You really, really, really, really, really love communism. 

Joining him in this 'idea' is the intellectual soul of the Democrat party, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the energizer bunny of anti-American hatred, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar.

I would go along with this silly plan under two conditions. 1. College professors teach for free and 2. these institutions and the government leave the taxpayers alone.

You took out the loan. Pay your bill like many Americans have, If my kid Eric can do it, so can you.




Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Washington Independence Day Parade Cancelled

This just in. Due to leftist outcry, the DC 4th of July celebration of America has been cancelled.

Leftists complained about President Trump's inclusion of American military tanks and fighter jets, claiming that's what they do in North Korea, not America.

Plus, the blatant patriotism would offend those who don't share President Trump's love of America. Several leftist and anti-American groups found a judge in the 9th Circuit of Appeals to rule that America patriotism is unconstitutional.

Oh, this just in. We've just heard that there WILL be a 4th of July parade, sponsored by Billionaire George Soros and hosted by MSNBC''s morning show hosts, Joe and Mika!

Hold on! The parade is starting!

Here comes the Grand Marshals of the parade.....the (39?) Democrat candidates for President! Bernie Sanders is waving an old Soviet flag, Mayor Pete is waving a wiener, and Elizabeth Warren is dressed like the Land-O-Lakes native American princess!

Now, here comes the 10 CAIR floats. The adherents of the religion of peace are getting off their floats and are now blocking the street, ass up in prayer. Don't worry, the parade should resume in about an hour.....

Look out! Here comes the Reparations For Slavery float, with The Reverend Al Sharpton yelling thru a bullhorn!

Now, here comes that crying Hillary voter, screaming into the sky. Don't worry lady, there's an election coming up in 2020.

Wow, here comes about 400 illegal aliens, with Mexican flags, and flags from South America and Africa.

As you know, American flags were determined to be hate speech.

Here comes The AntiFa float! Now, these warriors for freedom are jumping off the float and have started beating up the onlookers! Wow! That'll leave a mark!

Here comes a float, with the words America Sucks in large crepe lettering. Minnesota's 5th District Representative Ilhan Omar is shouting through a bullhorn. Now, the call of prayer is blasting thru ultra-powerful loudspeakers

Bringing up the rear in this parade is the Free College Tuition Float. Chances are, the kids on this float will always be bringing up the rear.

Well, that's our 4th of July parade. If America still exists a year from now, we'll do this again. See ya next year.


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Top 5 Things I Want Reparations For

Talk of
reparations has resurfaced among the Communists posing as Democrat presidential candidates, as well as from grievance hucksters.

I think this can go both ways. Here are The Top 10 Things I Want Reparations For:

  5.Obama Care

  4. I want reparations on behalf of all the White soldiers who died in The Civil War setting Black slaves free.

 3. I want reparations from welfare cheats and government fraudsters.

 2. I want reparations from illegal aliens and government officials for wasting our tax dollars.

 1. That money Obama sent to the bloodthirsty mullahs in Iran.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Questions For 2019 Democrat Presidential Debate

The Democrat presidential candidates are preparing for the upcoming debates, where they will supposedly talk about the issues effecting the American people. Here are some questions your bushy-tailed correspondent would ask if I was to moderate these debates:

1. Former president Obama bragged about ruining the U.S. coal industry. If you're elected President, which American industries will YOU destroy?

2.If you lose the general election, will you respect the outcome? (or will you conduct a 2-year long coup/witch hunt  against President Trump?)

3. Do you have any experience in the private sector?

4. Who deserves sanctuary....Illegal aliens or homeless vets?

5. Who deserves sanctuary....Illegal aliens or their American victims of murder or rape?

6. Former President and economic illiterate Obama used to talk about a magic wand that would supposedly bring back American jobs. If you had a magic wand, how would you use it to improve the lives of American workers?

7. How will the New Green Deal improve life in The United States?

Monday, June 17, 2019

Warning: This City Is Ran By Democrats

Have you ever taken a wrong turn and mistakenly entered a city or state ran by Democrats? Usually, they are impoverished war zones and the sidewalks are covered with human excrement. There are homeless camps everywhere, and their congressional representatives don't reside in their district.

As you enter these god-awful places, there is a large sign on the side of the road that might say something like Welcome To California---The Golden State!

There should be a law that these signs should serve as a warning about the place you're entering. Imagine that you're driving into a city ran by Democrats and you see signs like these:

Welcome To Los Angeles: Come For The Rats, Stay For The Typhus

Welcome To San Francisco: Watch Your Step!!!

Welcome To Chicago: We're Number One!!! (In Gang Violence)

Welcome To Minneapolis: Come For The Weather, Stay For The Welfare

Welcome To Trenton: The Corruption Capitol Of The U.S.

Monday, May 20, 2019

A Question For Robert De Niro

In the past, Hollywood Trump-hater Robert De Niro has made physical threats against our President. Now, he has said that IMPRISONING President Trump will Make America Great Again.

Your bushy-tailed correspondent has a question for Mr De Niro:

Are you talking to us?


Sunday, May 19, 2019

AG William Barr Investigating the investigators? (Song Parody Of 'Both Sides Now')

Robert Mueller released his 2 year report
The Democrats say that it comes up short
Leftists cry in their pillow forts
They still want impeach our prez

Adam Schiff still says there's a smoking gun
He goes on CNN and gaslights everyone
All the poor libs, they look so stunned
They believe everything don lemon says

AG Barr is investigating the other side now
Comey and Brennan and that Hillary cow  
The  F.B.I. and the msm have a lot of gall
Mueller found no collusion.....at all.

Ohr and Strzok and Lisa Page
They might wind up in a prison cage
Mueller's report was over 400 page(s)
But there was not much in there

The Democrats want Barr to testify
Maybe we can catch him in a lie
Anything to take the heat off The F.B.I.
The FISA court and the fake dossier

AG Barr is investigating the other side now
Maybe he'll get to the bottom of this somehow
and obama will take a big fall
It's hard to tell.......at all

Now we've learned it was all a coup
Every day we're learning something new
Dopey Americans watch 'The View'
The msm is full of crap

It's the deep state and the establishment
How can this happen to our government?
Al this money can be spent
to harass our President?

Well, AG Barr is on the case now
Maybe he'll to the bottom of this somehow
the crooks will then reside behind prison walls
and he''ll throw the book....at them all