Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now, The Same E-mail Ran Thru Our TruthTeller 3000


Put this bumper sticker on your car (if you still can afford gas), or your window (if you haven't been foreclosed on by the eeevil 1%). When you do this, things might start happening. The Messiah has everyone in this country at each other's throats. Hopefully, fistfights will break out all over America.

Our glorious leader has kept such a low profile the last four years! I'm afraid that you might have forgotten about him and all of his wonderful accomplishments. With this bumper sticker, you can get up in someone's grill, even if they just give you a dirty look. You can start a civil war with your own family!

If you're up to it, you can intimidate perfect strangers. Be just like our friends at The Services Employees International Union and The Black Panthers.

A lot of things can happen because of the simple decision (and boy, are the voters simple!) you make right now.

We'll put a bumper sticker in the mail for you-just tell us where to send it.

Thanks, Jeremy

Jeremy Bird
National Field Director
Obama For America

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