Monday, February 6, 2012

Frustration Nation

I grew up in the 1970's, so I got some of my learnin' every Saturday morning from ABC's Schoolhouse Rock . It was there I learned That Preamble Song, where to get my adverbs (at Lolly's), and how to conjunct my conjunctions down at Conjunction Junction. (And, But, Or....They'll git ya pretty far....)

Last Friday, the government told us that the unemployment rate fell to 8.3%, even though they do not count millions of people who are too frustrated to even look for a job anymore. I think this country needs the folks at Schoolhouse Rock to explain the unemployment rate to the American people. Something catchy, similar to Conjunction Junction.

How about........Frustration Nation? C'mon kids, sing along:

Frustration Nation, consternation
How do we figure the unemployment rate?
Frustration Nation, misinformation
Obama can be re-elected if it's under 8

There's some who find a job, so let's count them
There's those no longer looking, let's not count them
We can spin the numbers
Or tell outright lies
Just stop counting some people and see if that flies

We have to re-elect The Messiah
So don't let that unemployment rate get any higher
Tell the American people
it's down to 8.3
I wish that they would stop lyin' to me

Next on the new Schoolhouse Rock, our singers explain the housing crisis.

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