Monday, February 20, 2012

How Bad Is The New Obama Budget?

Just ask the Senate Democrats (that is, if they even allow it to be brought up for a vote). The new Obama proposal might even be worse than last year's nightmare. Last year, the Messiah's budget proposal was shot down 0-97 by a Senate still dominated by his own party. We don't know what happened to the three Senators who didn't (or wouldn't) even vote on it. Maybe they were offended that such a piece of unmitigated crap could even exist.

If you asked an eight-year-old to put together a budget proposal, I bet that you could get at least eleven or twelve Senators to vote for it. Unfortunately, we have a playground bully in the White House.

There's some very smart people, such as columnist Charles Krauthammer, who have analyzed this budget proposal, and have labeled the new budget as 'scandalous'. I'm even hearing the word, 'impeachable'.

It has been over 1,000 days since the Democratic-ran Senate has even passed a budget, even though it is mandated by law. Yet, these people still have a job.

Do we really need a Senate?

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