Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do We REALLY Need A Photo I.D. Law In Minnesota?

My liberal friend (Let's call him Longfellow Loon) flew into my patio window today. After regaining consciousness, he told me that he has been driven to distraction.

I asked what was troubling him. He told me the Minnesota State Legislature was giving him nightmares. It seems that he keeps having the same terrible dream that our state legislature had passed the state photo I.D. law currently being considered.

So, he would like to speak to you, my readers, on this issue.

I realize that I am taking a big chance in giving my wacky friend a platform to spout....I state his case, but I believe in giving everyone a chance to express their point of view.

So, here he is. Loony, the floor is yours. Don't be nervous.


This small, completely inconsequential matter of voter fraud seems to be freaking out a lot of right-wing fanatics in the State of 10,000 lakes. Some are actually suggesting that YOU NEED A PHOTO I.D. IN ORDER TO VOTE IN MINNESOTA!

What's next? (mimics a Nazi border guard) 'Letzzz me see your paperzzzz'?

Just because 31 other states have some form of voter I.D., some of these meanies think we should too! Just because 31 states jump off a bridge, should we jump. too?

This law would be discriminatory towards poor black voters, poor red voters, poor Latino voters, and maybe even poor YELLOW voters! Only rich, white voters can afford a photo I.D.! Darn that 1%!

This proposed law would also lead to DISCRIMINATION against the elderly and indigent. I am so GLAAD that our wonderful Representative, Keith Ellison, has come to our defence. His work on this matter makes me proud as a pink peacock!

Those rascally right-wingers suggest that the poor and down-trodden may receive a photo I.D. for free. So, it is these conservatives who would burden the taxpayers with this mandate. If there's one thing that this proud fifth District Dhimmicrat won't EVER stand for, is a TAX INCREASE!


Thank you, Longfellow. Do you want a cold pack for your head?

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