Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Damn Global Warming!

Yesterday in Minneapolis it was 40 degrees and beautiful. I escaped the heatwave, ducking into the neighborhood grocery store. As my 15 or less made it's way on the conveyor belt, I complained bitterly to the nice cashier.

"Damn this global warming! How much of this torture will we have to endure?

She laughed at me, handing me my change.

Al Gore warned us of this. I remember Ted Danson telling us in the 80's that the human race had only 10 more years before we kiss this planet goodbye. Now, it's (let me check the temp....) a hellish 38 degrees on February 1st.

I am so glad that President Zerogrowth cancelled that Keystone XL Pipeline project, and kudos to Congress for 'Cap and Trade'....and for making incandescent lighbulbs illegal. When Solyndra finishes installing it's solar panels across America, I will thank Obama by voting for him in November. Not.

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