Monday, February 27, 2012

The First Meeting At Parks And Recreation

Feb 27, 2012

Among the attendees are Director J. RedSquirrel
and Board Members Crystal K and Cindy Pugh.
Director of Parks and Recreation J. RedSquirrel calls the meeting to order, and moves to thank Board Member Crystal K for bringing the scrumptious ice cream cake. Everyone seconds the motion.

First item on tonight's agenda. NARN hosts Mitch Berg and Ed Morrissey have a concern. Their favorite teeter-totter is in disrepair, so Director RedSquirrel moves that we send our guy to repair it on Tuesday morning. Everyone votes in the affirmative.

John "Master of Sausages" Stewart proposes an annual sausage race around Lake Calhoun for the Fourth of July festivities. Director RedSquirrel expresses interest, noting that a sausage race is a terrific way of celebrating this county's independence.

But, will need to consult with Mayor D. as to whether the M.O.B. community has the money in the budget for a sausage race AND a fireworks display.

We adjourn the meeting, and finish our cake.

(Note: If you have any concerns or suggestions relating to Parks and Recreation, please post a comment in the space below to send us your ideas. We would love to hear from you.)

J. RedSquirrel
Director of Parks and Recreation/
Mayor M. Dilettante
Office of The Mayor of the Minnesota Organization of Blogger's

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  1. Excellent report! A sausage race seems like an excellent idea.