Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oaktown Loonies Win This Week's Loon Of The Week Award

You may be wondering whatever happened to my liberal associate, Longfellow Loon and The Loon of the Week award. I was thinking about discontinuing this (more less) weekly feature, because it seemed pointless to hand out an award for over-the-top, insane leftloonyness. So far in 2012, there was no real competition for Barack Obama's crazy weekly pronouncements and his maniacal, radical lust for absolute power.

I was actually thinking about retiring the award.

The first three weeks of 2012 saw our child dictator make unconstitutional recess appointments at a time when The House of Representatives isn't in recess. Who does this clown think he is, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez?

He also told Congress that he wasn't going to wait for them to pass his leftist agenda.

Let's just say that The President has won the Loon of the Week Award for the last three weeks.

But, LOOK! Our loony pal, Longfellow Loon is here, and SOMEBODY ELSE wins this coveted award this week!  So, let's tarry no longer. Here to bestow this week's award to somebody else than Barack Hussein Obama is our very own Longfellow Loon. Take it away. Loony!

"LOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOLOOOOO!!!! Thank you, Squirley! Congratulations on your new job, Director of Parks and Recreation in the new Mr. Dilettante Administration!! "


"The Loonies of the Week are those wonderful Occupy Oakland protesters! LOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOOLOOLOOOLOOLOOOLOOLOOOO!!!!

While most of the OWS protests have fizzled out, these heroic protesters have really stepped it up! This weekend, they broke into and vandalized Oakland City Hall.  These angels of virtue have stated something that ANYONE with a basic understanding of The Constitution knows....

Vandalism and criminal activity is protected under the first Amendment. It's right there.....alongside the right to have an abortion! LOOLOOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOOLOOLOOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOO!!!!!"

Thank you, Longfellow Loon. Great report!

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