Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moo Means No

In December, the Democrat-controlled Senate repealed the ban on the sodomy (unnatural carnal copulation) AND bestiality (intercourse with animals) article from The Uniform Code of Military Justice.

They haven't passed a budget in three years, but found the time to remove the ban against human on animal rape in the military. I hope the Senate was just being their usually stupid, criminally inept selves.

What the hell is wrong with these people? I see Majority Leader Harry Reid, and wonder if he even knows where he is.

When it comes to this Senate (Did I tell you the Dems run the joint?), nothing surprises me anymore. After all, the Democrats passed ObamaCare, the most freedom-robbing, abominable pieces of legislation in the history of our republic. Do we want this group of people to have this much power over us?

Apparently, they haven't yet got the memo that says 'moo means no'.

But while we think of all the ways the American people are screwed over by this corrupt body, we should stop our constant griping for just a moment, and think about our poor animal friends.

(note: I got the title of this post from something I heard on The KQRS Morning Show. Thanks.)

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