Monday, February 6, 2012

The RedSquirrel Defends The Newt

It seems that Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has has a very rough two weeks, so in the name of fair play, your bushy-tailed correspondent wishes to take a moment to defend this great American.

A couple weeks ago. his second ex-wife charged that Mr. Gingrich wanted 'an open marriage', yet he got two daughters from his first marriage to defend him. It is a mark of a great man that he could get TWO daughters from one of his two broken marriages to defend him from accusations made by another ex-wife.

It is extremely unfair to cast Mr. Gingrich as ugly and unlovable. He's been married three times, and as far as I know, none of his three wives are blind.

The former Speaker was removed from his leadership position by House Republicans in 1999. I issue a challenge to all Democrat voters out there. If he is THAT disliked by Republicans, shouldn't he be able to get Democrat voters to cross party lines, and vote for him?

Newt Gingrich took hundreds of thousands of dollars from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. If he could do a campaign commercial, co-starring with Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd, I bet he could turn this into a positive.

Newt Gingrich did a commercial with Nancy Pelosi. See? He doesn't discriminate
...even against ethically-challenged, extremist psycholefty nut jobs.

They say that Newt Gingrich has a thousand ideas, of which, 900 are probably good. That's 900 more good ideas than Obama has.

Gingrich supported the individual mandate. For you Democrats out there who fantasize about rounding up and throwing anti-Obamacare refuseniks in prison, you might want to give Newt a second look.

Finally, Newt Gingrich wants to build a space station on Mars. I'll bet that wouldn't cost the taxpayer much.

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