Monday, April 30, 2012

Anti-Bullying Sodomite Douche Bullies Students

There. Quite an attention-grabbing headline, ain't it?

Christian students at a high school journalism convention in Seattle got quite an earful 
when guest speaker, unhinged anal-rights advocate Dan Savage started throwing insults at his under-aged victims.

Savage was given a platform to speak about bullying in school, but his message, ironically dubbed 'It Gets Better', included an avalanche of bible-bashing and homosexual advocacy. Judging from eyewitness accounts, it never did get better.

As several of the students got out of their seats, and walked out, the real bully in school screamed at them:

"Pansy a$$es!

Even though these kids were taking part in a journalist convention, 'Journalism On The Edge,' we should still remember that kids are prisoners in an American government school system, a ridiculously unfair, downright oppressive tyranny created to victimize Christians and independent thinkers. These indoctrination centers are run by professional child abusers, and they are there to churn out compliant, submissive conformists.

Our Little Marxist Barack Obama has openly endorsed the virulent, anti-Christian message of Dan Savage, and why WOULDN'T he?  He is also a bully, an alinskyite  Chrislamist who regularly uses intimidation to humiliate those who dare disagree with him.

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