Monday, April 16, 2012

Is This Honeymoon Over Yet?

A man carries his new bride across the threshold into their honeymoon suite, and she sits at the edge of the bed, anticipating her wedding night. The amorous bride tries to kiss her new husband, but he puts the palm of his hand over her eager lips, and pushes her face away.

She tries again, attempting to embrace him. He pushes her away. She sits on the edge of the bed, incredulous, as he takes the elevator to the lobby.

20 minutes later, he comes back, and tells her:

"Honey, I really love ya, but you need to be 'fundamentally transformed'. So, I'm going to bring you to a plastic surgeon tomorrow morning. Good night."

He gets into the heart-shaped bed, turns his back, and turns off the light".

Likewise, Our Little Dictator has said that he wants to 'fundamentally transform' America. While some of us believe that America is the greatest, fairest, and most prosperous society planet Earth has ever seen, Obama the Kenyan Marxist sees an America that needs to be drastically altered.

It's hard to believe that so many Americans disliked America so much.  Do they think that transforming America into Mozambique will somehow improve things?

Obama 2012 voters will be like a bride who has no problem with her new husband sending her to the plastic surgeon. They're the ones relaxing by the hotel pool with their faces wrapped in bandages, while the rest of us are seeking an annulment.

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