Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama's War On The Family Farm

Obama's War On America continues this week, and the new front is the family farm.

Our Little Dictator's Labor Department took aim at the traditional family farm, and issued a edict against parents who give their kids farm chores. It appears that there are still a few vestiges of rugged American individualism and freedom left, and our little disciple of Alinsky will have none of that.

Obama and his leftist czars want to erase our freedom, our traditions, and rob America of her identity. The greatest tradition we have is the independent family farm, and this little community organizer believes that he is qualified to tell these great Americans their business.

Obama knows how to sow discontent, milk the taxpayer, butcher the rule of law, and plant disinformation and lies, but what the hell does he know about the family farm?

This jack-a$$ ate dog.

Young farmers learn invaluable life lessons and independence, and Obama is relentlessly hostile to those that aren't likely to submit to the lure of the welfare check.

I also think that this is a war on parents. With this new dictate, it seems as if Obama believes that parents giving their children chores is a violation of their human rights. The grown-up meanies must be taught who the real boss is.

With this edict, Obama and the bureaucrats will end 4H, and replace it with a 90-hour federal government training course.

Knowing what we know about federal bureaucracies, Obama and his friends will probably wind up killing the golden goose.

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