Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Damn You White America

Last week, we at the RedSquirrel Report rejoiced when Obama's preacher, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, resurfaced. Is it just me, or do you suspect that the state-run news media tried to lock Barry's wacky minister away in the attic for the last couple years?

To celebrate The Reverend's return to the national spotlight, we have invited him to write a column. Here it is:

Damn You White America,

From the beginning of time, all evil can be pinpointed to the existence of the white race. From Cain to George Zimmerman, evil come to be when the devil created the Caucasian. A white man's greed runs a world in need, and America was founded by white demons, such as that pedophile, Thomas Jefferson.

All of America's founding fathers were slave traders. That fat honky Benjamin Franklin dragged Puff Daddy's great-grandpa out of Africa. To Franklin, it's All About The Benjamins. Mr. Thomas Jefferson forced his slaves to dry-clean his clothes on the East side.

Some honkys have skin like us, but they worship a different God. That black Pecker wood Clarence Thomas and that pizza-making, Steppin Fetchit Herman Cain has consorted with the devil Republicans. America drops bombs on black babies, then sings 'God Bless America'.

Nah, nah, nah. Not God Bless America....GAWD DAMN AMERICA!

Whitey came out in droves to vote for Barack Obama....BECAUSE THEY ARE RACISTS....They voted for him to assuage their white-hot guilt. Whitey watches Oprah and they watch Bill Cosby and Fat Albert 'cause they're RACISTS!

The honky stole our culture and they broke the beautiful nose off the sphinx. The white Greek queer boy Alexander The Great and that tea-baggin' Voltaire brought the HELL of white culture to the world.

Only when we throw off the slavery of the white man's capitalism, and replace it with the freedom of Communism will the black man finally be liberated.

Well, that's all for now. Peace out.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

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