Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This Isn't A Real Obama Campaign Email-Yet.


It's too bad that you didn't win a Dinner With Barack, but here comes yet another promotion.

If you donate $25 to the Obama campaign, we will send you an 'Obama and Stripes' American flag.

Show off your loyalty to our glorious leader. We have only 2,000,000 of these Chinese-made flags, so send your contribution before they're all gone. We here at Obama For America want these flags to be seen from sea to shining sea!

Send you contribution of $25 or more to:


Jim Messina
Chief Campaign Director
Obama For America

Disclaimer: This is not a real Obama campaign email, but just give them a couple weeks. They've already operated a 'dinner lottery' out of The White House.

The narcissist-in-chief sees nothing unsavory about a 'U.S.' flag with his likeness emblazoned over the blue field.

Maybe the voters really want an Obamunist dictator.

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