Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Spring Break For Hillary Clinton

It looks like those Secret Service agents weren't the only ones having a wild, wild time in Colombia. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently partook in the nightlife of Cartegena.

Breaking away from a meeting at The Summit of the Americas, she and some of her female colleagues let their hair down at one wild Cuban-themed hot spot, the Amore De Mono. There, she was spotted drinking heavily. One of her security detail knocked a camera out of a photojournalist's hands as the Secretary of State snorted a line of cocaine off a local woman's butt.

Her security guard took the camera, and shattered it on the floor.

Then Hillary and her girls got up, and formed a conga line. As they jiggled around the room, she and her friends really put on a show, kissing and grabbing at each other inappropriately.

Then, Pat Benatar's 'Love Is A Battlefield' blared from the speakers. Hillary and her companions did the actual dance from the 1983 music video, as the other patrons watched. Then, the former First Lady cannonballed into a swimming pool.

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