Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get On The Bus

James O'Keefe's latest Project Veritas video (Eric Holder Edition) has given me an idea. Since there is no such thing as voter fraud (just ask our friends at Take Action Minnesota), I would like to run an idea by my friends at Minnesota Majority.

On November 6, Let's all synchronize our watches, and meet at a predetermined location. At 0645 hours, we will board two buses, and have ourselves some DFL-styled fun.

Cue the Mission Impossible Theme Music:

At 0700 hours, we will arrive at a polling station in South Minneapolis, and get in line. Dan McGrath (our Dan McGrath) will approach the poll worker table, and tell the smiling poll worker lady:

Good morning. I'm Mark Ritchie.

The poll worker hands him his ballot.

Then. one of our sisters (how about Sue Jeffers?) approaches the poll workers:

Hi. I'm Sandy Pappas....

She is followed by "Paul Thissan", "Tom Rukovina", "Phyllis Kahn", "Mindy Greiling", "Yvonne Solon", and so on....

Then, we get back on the bus. It's on to our next stop. We will repeat this process several more times. I bet that we all could vote five or six times before our Democrat friends even get out of bed. If you're busted, just plead ignorance of the law.

It's a valid defence.

But, if you're arrested. just remember. We've never heard of you.

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