Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hillary Clinton To Host MTV Spring Break Party In Daytona 2013

MTV President Van Toffler announced today that Secretary General Hillary Clinton will host Music Television's Spring Break coverage in Daytona Beach next year.

The former first lady caught the attention of Music Television production staff during last week's Summit of the Americas in Cartegena, Colombia. where she put on quite a show.  She was photographed drinking copious amounts of alcohol,  and cavorting with several female companions.

"When you think of MTV Spring Break in Daytona Beach, you think of extremely skimpy bikinis, lots of alcohol, and music, music, music. We all saw the former first lady making a spectacle of herself, and thought she's be perfect for MTV," Toffler added.

The MTV honcho said that Flo Rida, Pitbull, and Nicki Minaj will be among the performers next year.

"Who knows? Maybe Mrs. Clinton will take part in next year's big wet t-shirt contest. I bet that her husband will be there with a water bottle".

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