Monday, April 2, 2012

Cookie Monster: That Michelle Obama Is A B....

TMZ, You have been scooped by The RedSquirrel Report.

Six weeks after a school lunch inspector in North Carolina confiscated a 4-year old's packed lunch, controversy has hit the 'Seseme Street' set.

After a recent visit from the First Lady Michelle Obama, the craft food inspector for the show has confiscated all fattening food, including cookies.

This hasn't set well with The Cookie Monster. The voracious blue superstar has stormed off the set, and is threatening to quit the show. An assistant floor director fills us in:

"Yeah, Cookie just snapped. He was about to videotape a segment, when he noticed that somebody had taken away the cookies. Somebody has replaced his cookies with fruit and vegetables. He picked up a stalk of broccoli, and asked the director, 'What is this?'

Our director had to break the news to him, that Michelle Obama has ordered all fattening food taken from 'Seseme Street', and everybody will be eating healthy foods, like carrot sticks and broccoli from now on.

You should have seen what she did to Mr. Hooper's Grocery Store.

And so, Cookie started yelling, 'Who does that b.... think she is? I'm the f...... Cookie Monster, as he started throwing the fruit at the director. COOOOOKIIIEEEE!!!'

Then, Cookie stormed off the set, and he's been in his trailer since. Some t.v. stars can be rather temperamental."

We will let you know if Cookie Monster will win back his right to eat cookies.

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