Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is This Really The American President?

Our Little Dictator continued his war on America today during an Associated Press luncheon, as he badmouthed this country's free-market system

Our Indonesian Bully prefers The Chicago Way over The American Way, demagoging the capitalist economic system that has brought about the greatest, most generous society in the history of the human race. He railed against the unfairness of the free market, and badmouthed the new Republican budget proposal, calling it 'social darwinism'.

He railed against inequality. What does he have against diversity....of incomes? Bigot.

By the way, Our Bully-In-Chief introduced his own 2013 budget proposal last week, but it was unanimously rejected in the House of Representatives, 0-414. Apparently, his budget was so extreme, that Nancy Pelosi wouldn't even vote for it.

This little time-traveling historian even suggested that the current Republican Party would be too extreme for Ronald Reagan. There he goes again. That's the second time in the last three weeks Obama has lied about a Republican President from our past.

If Barry dislikes the American system so much, then why is he here? There are plenty of Communist dictatorships and leftist banana republics all over the world, where everybody is equal, and nobody is allowed to fail. There are places that have already been ran into the ground.

Why punish us?

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