Thursday, April 5, 2012

Obama Is Going MAD

Thank you.....thanks......The teleprompter wants everyone to sit down. Thank you.

America has a 400-year history of unfairness and downright meanspiritedness. It's a non-stop nightmare of slavery and mistreatment of women. The Republicans mistreated the native Americans, The Aztecs, The Mayans, then imported racism worldwide. Now, The Republican Party is waging a war on women, for it is Republican Leader Paul Ryan and company that wants to take contraception away from women, and keep them bare-foot and pregnant.

Congressman Ryan will try to push your pregnant grandma off a cliff if he isn't stopped. Not even former Republican President Ronald Reagan would be in favor of that.

Ryan and his friends will try to bankrupt Medicare AND Social Security with this new budget. And now, nine, unelected officials may strike down my 'god-like health care gift' to this rotten, racist country, and rule it UNCONSTITUTIONAL. If The Republicans and The Supreme Court aren't stopped, people will start dying.

Deep cuts in the next budget will cause satellites to crash into schools, and the children will be killed by falling space debris....and because the Republicans will steal their health care away. .

There will be no schools left, and all the children we Democrats brainwash will never have the opportunity to take out college loans. That reminds me, Paul Ryan wants to close down and board up all the colleges, too.

If Paul Ryan and the Republicans pass their budget, there will be no police, the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. will close their doors, and the air will be thick with smog. All the rivers will suddenly be filled with nuclear waste, and all the food with become poisonous.

Frogs and locusts will fill the sky, and Rush Limbaugh will laugh like a maniac.

It wasn't me who caused skyrocketing energy prices, although that's what I wanted.  It was the Republicans who scuttled the Keystone XL Pipeline. If these Republicans were around during the time of Columbus, they would be like the Flat-Earth society. If these Republicans could time travel like me, they would go back in time, and make cars and in-door plumbing illegal.

Don't let those racists prevail. Remember, if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. When you step into that voting booth, I want you to vote for me, and think, 'I'm doing this for Trayvon'. Thank you.

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