Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CURRENT TV Viewers Just Finding Out That Olbermann Is Gone

Keith Olbermann, the former host of MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann, has parted ways with Al Gore's lowly-rated Current TV, The firing happened on Friday, but viewers of his program are just finding out today.

Viewers of FOX NEWS found out almost as it happened, as did viewers of Glenn Beck TV.  Many Americans already knew that Olbermann was fired because they are viewers of FOX NEWS and GBTV....not Current TV.

The crew aboard the International Space Station found out on Saturday afternoon. In fact, the ratings are so low for Current TV, that some of Olbermann's co-workers are just finding they are out of a job. One of his assistant floor directors found out by accident, having seen the news on Sean Hannity's evening program on FOX NEWS.

Today, we spoke to another Current TV host. Our reporter asked Cenk Uygur about Olbermann's dismissal. After a long. pregnant pause, he could only ask:

"Keith Olbermann was fired? When did that happen?"

Client 9, Eliot Spitzer has been hired to take Olbermann's place, and the rating are already so low that The Drudge Report is readying the red siren, with the following headline:

Current TV:  We Will Advertize New Spitzer Program On Sides Of Milk Cartons

"We were thinking about running color bars. Remember when MSNBC host Ed Schultz suspended himself for a week, and his rating went up?" asked one Current TV producer.

"We may try a show with no host, and see what happens".

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