Thursday, April 12, 2012

How About The Feinstein Fee?

At Powerline blog, John Hinderacker has written a piece about Our Little Dictator's latest class warfare gimmick, The Buffett Rule. Basically, the Buffet Rule raises taxes on millionaires. It's meant to appeal to Americans who are envious of those who earn high incomes.

In ''How Should The Republicans Respond To The Buffett Ploy?'', Hinderacker suggests that the Republicans could also get in the act, and propose their own symbolic tax increases, such as 'The Clooney Rule', which would raise taxes on Obama's allies in Hollywood, the ambulence chaser tax for lawyers, and the K Street rule for lobbyists.

I also have a couple proposals:

The Feinstein Fee: Named after California Senator Diane Feinstein, is a 50% tax hike on the corrupt members of Congress and their spouses who make their fortunes directly from their wife's position on Congressional Committees.

The Timothy Trickle: The Republicans should propose that even members of The President's Cabinet pay their taxes.

The Solyndra Surcharge: A 90% corporate tax rate for Presidential cronies who launder money for the President's re-election bid immediately before going belly-up.

Of course, none of these proposals will make a dent in the Federal deficit or raise much revenue, but there again, neither would the Buffet Rule, This ridiculous proposal is just a symbolic gesture meant to appeal to Obama's base of jealous liberals.

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