Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why Me?

Checking out Hot the other day, something caught my eye.  It was a title for one of their latest posts, "Rush Limbaugh And The Year Of The Squirrel".

My initial thought was ,"After 13 months of working in complete obscurity , I HAVE ARRIVED!"

It must have been one of my killer posts, where I said something ingenious! Maybe Michelle (I was already calling her by her first name) will even let me be a contributor to that superb news blog.

And then I started reading....and my heart sank.

Apparently, "The Year of the Squirrel"  refers to the ridiculous lengths that Team Obama will go to distract the American people away from the domestic disaster that is The Obama Regime this election year. The inspiration came from the animated feature, "UP!", where the lovable Dug the Dog is distracted by a squirrel.

The latest distraction appears to be a squirrel named Sandra Fluke.

Please, everybody. I am asking my conservative brothers and sisters in the blogosphere, relieve me of this terrible emotional burden. I don't want to be associated with the lies and deception told by our little dictator and his Alinsyite ilk.


  1. No, see, you're a red squirrel. Totally different thing.

    But what's confusing is that, in this context, a squirrel is essentially the same thing as a red herring. Not a red squirrel, though.

  2. Thanks for clearing it up....I think. No,I'm still confused....Oh......o.k., I got it....

    When I saw the words 'year of the squirrel' at the top of HotAir, my ego told me, 'Take THAT, world. This was going to be MY year'....

    You could say that I was left with my bushy tail between my legs.