Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Real Hunger Games

It's the year 2014, and America's economy has been destroyed by it's power mad President. The private sector has been over-regulated and taxed to death. The State has nationalized all industries, and The President signs an executive order making it illegal to drill for oil.

The coal industry has been successfully bankrupted by the corrupt President-turned-dictator. Most of America's food has been turned into bio fuel, and the executives of several fraudulent green energy companies routinely bribe the Dictator.

Just like Communist Ethiopia of the 1980's, the Dictator has used hunger to control the population. Transporting food has become prohibitively expensive with skyrocketing gas prices, and so food can't be delivered to grocery stores. The Dictator calls a press conference, and announces that America will be renamed Obamerica. He has voided The Constitution, and after passing his health care takeover, He controls every aspect of American life.

It is Winter, and with no coal plants to warm homes, the hungry people freeze. 

Along with his allies in the TV networks, the Divine Dictator creates a reality TV Show.

The program features a three-person 'death panel'. The trio travel from city to city, and they pick one young man and one young woman (age 16-25) from each of the eight cities they have visited to compete in a televised, fight to the death competition. The grand prize for the final two survivors is a lavish dinner with The Dictator.

The Southern States of the former United States of America have ceded from the Union in early 2014, refusing to live under The Dictator's tyranny. Many citizens from the Northern States try to find freedom in these free Southern States, but many are shot trying.

The Dictator has ordered a wall built, from California to Maryland, and has hired  illegal aliens to guard it. The dictator has formed a civilian security force. They don purple t-shirts.

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