Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Voter ID Horror Stories

As the Minnesota State Legislature considers the proposed Voter Photo ID law, we at The RedSquirrel Report have learned of some shocking allegations that our friends from TakeAction Minnesota are levelling at Voter ID proponents, Case in point:

Gladys Gunderson, of South Minneapolis tells us that on Election Day 2010, she had almost made it out the door with her oxygen tank in tow, when she heard a knock on the door. As she parted the curtain, she saw a man she recognized from the evening news standing outside the door. 

'That looks like Minnesota Majority's Dan McGrath!', she thought.  She opened the door.

"Gladys Gunderson?"


"My records here indicate that you regularly vote for Democrats", the man said, looking over his clipboard.

Gladys told the man that she was on her way to the polling place, but before she knew it, the man raised a blow-dart to his lips, and blew a dart into her neck. She began to feel woozy, and fell unconscious.

When she regained consciouseness, she had discovered that the polls were closed. Gladys had been disenfranchized.

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