Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ginger Messina Sent Me This Email Yesterday

I got this email from Jim Messina yesterday. I've added some personal thoughts in parenthesis.


(Dear Jack-a$$, I'm not your friend. I'm using your email to ridicule you.)

If the general election were held today, President Obama would lose to Mitt Romney-according to the latest poll from the Washington Post-ABC News.

(If I had my way, your pal Obama would've been impeached and removed from office by now.)

Now, many other polls put the President on top. But all point to the same reality: We're looking at a race that will be tighter than you think. And the other side has groups ready to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to tear down President Obama.

(WAAAAAA-HAAAAAA!!!!!Stop picking on me! I'm The President!!!!)

We cannot underestimate someone like Romney who has showed he will spend and say anything to win.

(You and your creepy, Alinskyite friends has the state-run propaganda ministry, Hollywood, Media Matters, the unionistas, and George Soros.)

We need to turn up the pressure now.

(Are you saying that you're going to send your friends at the S.E.I.U. to beat up anybody who opposes your boss?)

If the idea of President Romney scares you, it's time to own a piece of this campaign.

(No, I've gotten over my fear of a white man winning the Presidency.)

Donate $3 or more today.



Jim (Gingers Have No Souls) Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama For (Destroying) America

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  1. And today I got YET ANOTHER EMAIL. This one's from Moochelle....