Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just A Proposal: The Breitbart Memorial

We lost a great American last week, with the passing of new media superstar, Andrew Breitbart.

I have read A LOT of hate coming from the uglo-leftists and trolls throughout the blogosphere and Twitter, and I heard his Big Hollywood co-hort, Larry O'Connor, say that it's a good thing to show the world what these leftist haters have to say about him following his death.

The left hated, and continues to hate him even after his passing because he was so devastating in his effectiveness.

In their world, leftists can malign, slander and bat conservatives around all they want. Leftists be as corrupt and obnoxious as they want to be, and no one is supposed to expose them. Breitbart showed the world how the leftists operate, and that's what drove them so crazy.

So, I have a proposal for all my fellow Breitbart admirers out there.

You have The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Memorial, The Vietnam War Memorial, The World War 2 Memorial, and The 9-1-1 Memorial.

Let's create The Breitbart Memorial.

I have some ideas of it's design. Just as The Vietnam War Memorial has 56,000 names inscribed on it's sides, I propose that The Breitbart Memorial would have all the hateful comments that were written about him after his death chiseled on it's sides.

This could be a very interesting way of illustrating to the world just how effective he was.

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