Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is Barack Obama Dumber Than Michael Scott?

This week, Our Little Dictator made another speech, and took credit for America's increased oil production, AND at the same time, appeared to be angry that it had taken place, while knowing that it wasn't true.

He has actively denied drilling contracts on federal lands, as well as off-shore areas, but has took credit for increased drilling on private land, even though he has no say in the matter.

He made the decision to kill The Keystone XL Pipeline, killing tens of thousands of jobs, and now, blames The Republicans for killing the project.

The President takes credit for everything, unless it can't help him politically, while blaming the 'previous administration' for everything that may be hurtful for his chances at re-election. It all depends on which group he thinks he's speaking to at any given moment.

In 2008, he bragged that he would drive America's coal industry into bankruptcy, and also supported cap and trade. He supported expensive fuel, and now blames The Koch Brothers and oil speculators for expensive gas.

Obama reminds me of Michael Scott, the idiot boss on "The Office".  

Remember that 'casino night in the stockroom' episode, where Michael accidentally invited both his current girlfriend and his on-again-off-again girlfriend? Well, it looks like Obama is clumsily attempting to juggle two 'girlfriends' at the same time. One is the leftist, enviro-crazy and the other wants steady employment and cheap, plentiful fossil fuels.

And he is having a heck of a time lying to both constituencies.

I just remembered. There was an episode of 'Family Ties', where Alex P. Keaton asked two girls to the prom. That didn't end well either.

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