Monday, March 19, 2012

More Incredible Barack Obama Presidential Facts

Our history professor-in-chief, Barack Obama, recently made a factually dubious claim regarding former President Rutherford B. Hayes. So, we at The RedSquirrel Report have dug around and uncovered more interesting 'facts' that the god-like Presidential historian has revealed to a world hungry for his knowledge:

1. Our second President, John Adams, was married for a time to a woman named Morticia.

2. President Franklin Pierce invented the nipple ring.

3. 'Old Hickory' Andrew Jackson sang and danced professionally with his brothers, Marlon and Tito.

4. Thomas Jefferson once wrote the following in his journal:
"Today I met my new negro slave named Sally Hemmings. Damn, that girl is fine. I believe that I've contacted an acute case of Jungle Fever".

5. President Chester Arthur had a large, sunken bath installed in the White House, where he enjoyed frequent bubble baths. During bath time, he wore a large top hat and drank champagne. His butler was also his father.

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