Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Way To Go, Spike

Imagine that you're 72-year-old David McClain of Sanford, Florida. You and your wife Elaine are minding your own business, when you learn that a certain celebrity has retweeted your home address to his 240,000 followers. Oh, and now you've had to flee your home, and relocate to a hotel.

You live in fear because your home address has been mistakenly misidentified as the home address of Trayvon Martin's shooter, George Zimmerman. You're receiving death threats, and somebody has sent you a letter, which reads, 'taste the rainbow'. a reference to the bag of Skittles that Trayvon Martin was holding when he was killed.

Spike Lee, unhinged director of racially-charged films "Do The Right Thing", and "Malcolm X",  has turned The McClain's world upside down.

After the McClains are finished suing ole' Spike, I think that the judge should force this 'twit' to pay restitution. He should be forced to direct a suspense thriller about what he did to this elderly couple. I can see it now. Jaleel White, the kid who played Steve Urkel in 'Family Matters', can portray the a$$ who made the elderly couple's life hell.

That's one Spike Lee film I'd like to see.

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