Friday, March 23, 2012

They're Coming To TakeAction Minnesota Away, Ah-Ha!

The Minnesota State Senate passed Photo ID on Friday, and our disappointed friends at Take Action Minnesota sent the following statement:

Once again, The 1% is SILENCING the voice of the 99%, as the Republican-ran Minnesota State Senate voted to put MN. Photo ID on the November ballot. Soon, over 700,000 Minnesotans will lose their right to vote. Don't ask us us where we get that number. We pulled it out of.....never mind.

This vote was along party lines, as the corporate-owned Republicans voted to do the eeevil 1%'s bidding. Soon, our right to steal elections may be seriously curtailed, and the corporatists will realize their dream of robbing the world blind.

On Friday afternoon, over 250 unemployable Minnesotans with nothing else to do layed themselves in front of the Senate Chambers (like the brat kid at the grocery store, embarrassing his Mom)-but our loud chants were not enough to stop The Republicans in their quest to bring back Jim Crow.

The Republicans also voted to do away with same-day registration. With the election being eight, short months away, how can they possibly expect ANYONE to fill out a registration form by November?

Even though we didn't prevail today, we are still plotting our next move with ElectionStealers Rx Us.....I mean, Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.

Keep fighting,

Dan McGrath (the other Dan McGrath)
Executive Director,
Take Action Minnesota

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