Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Longfellow Loon's Review Of The Newest Obama Propaganda Film

The Road We've Travelled- A Film Review by Longfellow Loon

LOOLOOOLOOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOO!! (sob) sniff. sniff. I just watched seventeen minutes of sheer (sob) cinematic heaven, the awe-inspiring "The Road We've Travelled", starring Our Wonderful Leader, President Barack Hussein Obama!

"The Road We've Travelled" was directed by Academy Award-winner Davis Guggenheim, who won his Academy Award for that MASTERPIECE "An Inconvenient Truth".

You may have already seen this wonderful director tell that dirty right-winger Piers Morgan that the only negative thing he had to say about Obama was that THERE WERE JUST TOO MANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS. It almost looked like that CNN host was about to spit his teeth out in disbelief. The nerve of him!

Likewise, I must say that the only negative thing about this loontastic film experience, was that it ended after only 17 minutes. If I had fingers, I would be crossing them in hopes that Director Guggenheim makes a sequel.


This wonderful film was narrated by the greatest actor of all time, Tom Hanks. I think that he will receive a special 'greatest performance in a millenium' Oscar for his terrific performance. Also, former President Bill Clinton gives a stirring performance. He may receive at least two awards come Oscar time, including another Nobel Peace Prize.

I cried uncontrollably when Our Glorious Leader spoke so eloquently about his dear, dear Mother, and how America's health industry killed her when she needed health care.  I believe that Obamacare can save all the moms, if he can only keep those eeeevil Republicans from ruining our health care system all over again.

As I watched in awe how our Dear Messiah SAVED this country from the economic crisis, it makes me as proud as a pink peacock. If I could inject just a little criticism, I would just question the director's under-utilization of god-like reverb.

As a proud Minnesota Dhimmicrat, I believe that Obama's only misstep was the murder of Osama Bin Laden.

As loontastic as this cinematic experience was, I was disappointed that there was no mention of algae, magic unicorn farts, solar panels, or Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Maybe he's saving the best for the sequel!


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