Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stop Minnesota Voter ID Or Else!

Hey, fellow unionistas! The tea-baggin' 1% lapdog Republicans are voting to strip Minnesota of it's franchise. Today is the day that the Minnesota State Senate votes to put the new State Photo ID law on the November ballot!

Come to the Capital today at 12:30, and yell, bang drums, vandalize the Capitol building, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, INTIMIDATE  those dirty, rotten Republican dogs.

This is mandatory. We, your union bosses, BETTER SEE YOU DOWN AT THE CAPITAL....OR ELSE! The eeevil 1% from Wells Fargo have bought the Republican majority, and now they are trying to rob black people, Hispanics, the poor, the elderly, and poor college students of their God-given right to vote (cough, cough, illegally).

These evil bastards know that it's these loyal groups that will mean the difference between a fair Minnesota, ran by Democrats, or a state where the eeeevil 1% get to fulfill their dream of robbing the state BLIND!

Be there or else!

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