Friday, March 9, 2012

A Real Barnyard Exhibit

Minnesota State Representative Mary Franson is facing an unprecedented D.F.L.B.S. blitzkrieg, after posting a video of herself, reading a letter from a constituent.

In said letter, the constituent compared the way the welfare system treats recipients like zoo animals or livestock. The welfare state keeps people dependent and caged in the system. And so, the local leftist smear machine have twisted the context of the letter, and are misleading the public, telling us that the state rep has compared welfare recipients to animals.

In the last couple weeks, a local lefty radio jack-ass with no ratings has tweeted out Representative Franson's home phone number, and also encouraged the local alinsyite pigs to harass her and her family. There's a teacher in Central Minnesota who is encouraging the bullying of her three children.

Representative Franson has received death threats and the always available sheeple protesting on her lawn. On Friday, still more protesters heckled Franson during a meeting, and demanded her resignation. There's also the hyper-offended parrots from The Alliance for a Better Minnesota and Take Action Minnesota spreading even more hate and lies on the local evening news, along with the local media hyenas.

They are trying to force her out of office, so they'll have something to crow about.

We at The RedSquirrel Report defend Representative Franson from these dishonest, dirty attacks, and so far it looks like the state rep from Alexandria will not be cowed.

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