Friday, March 23, 2012

Did The Etch O Sketch Shake Up Romney's Candidacy?

GOP rivals of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney think that they have found something that can derail his Presidential aspirations.

Shocking....SHOCKING!, downright scandalous revelations came to light this week, as an insider in Romney's campaign compared the GOP front-runner's perceived lack of core convictions with the method of erasing an image from an Etch O Sketch. 

"You can kind of shake it up, and we start all over again", said Romney Campaign Communication Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom.

Waitaminnut. Isn't that just another way of saying that you run to the right in the primaries, then to the center in the General Election?

This non-story supposedly feeds the popular narrative that Romney is a flip-flopper with no core convictions, but maybe it also tells us that he is smart enough to not be seen as a stiff ideologue. Results matter to him, whether you're a conservative, center-right, or moderate. His critics (Rick Santorum for one) act as if Romney has cornered the market in flip-flops and misdirection.

But back to Romney's DOOMED candidacy.This week, the former Governor scored yet another victory in Illinois, winning that state's GOP Primary. Eventually, he will be forced to accept his party's nomination, and then be smeared by Obama's attack dogs. We don't know if David Axlerod will use an Etch O Sketch to attack Romney.

Today is Friday. It's been three days since these revelations came to light, but other news stories has wiped this non-story off the front page. The news cycle has shaken the Etch O Sketch, and it's not much of a story anymore.

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