Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mr. Jay-Z Goes To Washington

I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but your bushy-tailed correspondent almost missed this story, with all of the the Trayvon Martin news and the goings on at The Supreme Court this week.

Today, rapper/entrepreneur Jay-Z (Representative Shawn Carter-All Night Party) won a special election in New York last week, and was sworn in today as the new Congressman from the State of New York.

And today, he took to the floor, and rocked The House. He took to the mic and rapped, as some of his new colleagues 'waved their arms in the air like they just didn't care'.

Oh, this just in. Jay-Z didn't win a special election. Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush wore a hoodie and made a speech honoring slain teenager Trayvon Martin, before the Representative from Illinois 1st Congressional District was escorted out.

The hoodie was not in keeping with The House's dress code.

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