Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Statement From That Social Studies Teacher In North Carolina

Last week, a student in North Carolina's North Rowan High School smuggled some startling audio out of the communist gulag that is American public education. The student wanted to document the leftist indoctrination in teacher Tonya Dixon-Neelys classroom.

On the video, the student tried to reason with the educator, while she screeched wildly, suggesting that he may be arrested for disrespecting Barack Obama.

As your bushy-tailed correspondent listened to the audio, I thought that I was listening to former Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney.

We at The RedSquirrel Report believe in airing all points of view, so we thought that we would give that teacher a platform to 'splain herself. Welcome Ms. Dixon-Neely:

Thank choo.

Mah name is Tonya Dixon-Neely, an' ahm a social studies teacher in North Rowan High....

Please, you don't have to scream. You're hurting my ears.

Sorry. On the day in question, I was just giving the students the pawty line in the age of our Dear Leader, President Barack Obama. I believed that disrespecting Obama was a crime. That's what my union boss told me.

The boy axed one of his friends to serepticiously and secretly record our conversation.

The punk tried to tell me that The First Amendment protected his freedom of speech, but I would't have none of dat. I told him that lotsa people went to jail for speaking truth to power when George W. Bush was the President. I mean, has anybody seen The Dixie Chicks lately? I didn't think so.

After this audio went public, I was suspended with pay (cough cough payed vacation. whoo-hoo!) because I was caught on tape threatening an underaged student. That little snitch.

Well, now that I am suspended with pay, I'm thinking about my next move. I might run for Congress. Thank you.

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